22Oct, 2016
Social Media Fails

5 Corporate Social Media Fails

Companies spend big money and dedicate large, specialized departments to managing and growing their social media accounts. However, like the rest of us, they are not immune to blunders and tirades. Luckily for us, the internet never sleeps, and when a major corporation or a public figure slips up the good people of the internet are there to catch it. Here are five of the best social media fails:

1. British Company, HMV, Lets To-Be Fired Employees Mannage Twitter

Social Media Fails - HMV

British company, HMV, probably should have changed the password and before telling some of their social media mannagers they would be let go. Soon-to-be-former employees took the opportunity to let the internet know that 60 or more people would be getting fired. Fail found Here.

2. Delta Airlines Didn’t Do Their Research

Social Media Fails - Delta

Delta Airlines, king of hashtags, emojis and trending topics, tried to get in the game with this tweet congratulating the USMNT on scoring a goal against Ghana. Unfortunately, there are no giraffes in Ghana. on-to-be-former employees took the opportunity to let the internet know that 60 or more people would be getting fired. Fail found Here.

3. SeaWorld Asks The Wrong Question

Social Media Fails - Sea World

After the release of the highly critical documentary, Blackfish, which shed light on the alleged abuse running rampant at SeaWorld, the company should have had their social media department on high alert. However, someone had the bright idea to start the hashtag #AskSeaWord. This should count for multiple social media fails. Fail found Here.

4. The Justice Department Speaks Its Mind

Social Media Fails - Justice Department

Think the U.S. Government is immune to social media fails? Think Again. We would love to know what happened to the college intern at the Justice Department who got a hold of their twitter account and accused CNN of trolling. Fail found Here.

5. Twitter CFO Forgets How To Use Twitter

Social Media Fails - Twitter

A C-Level Executive at twitter should know the social media platform pretty well. He shouldn’t be making social media fails on Twitter… but he does. Twitter CFO mistakes live post for direct message and lets the whole world know their about to make an acquisition. Fail found Here.

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