17May, 2018
How to Find Inspiration For Your Blog

How to Find Inspiration For Your Blog

Every blog writer will struggle with a lack of inspiration every now and then. If you own or manage a blog, you’ve likely spent far too long staring at your screen, not knowing what to write about or if it’s even worth it. Regardless, you are determined to write your blog posts on a regular basis in order to maintain your audience or enhance your organic SEO.

While finding inspiration to write a blog post can be very hard at times, this blog will give you some ideas on how to find and develop a list of useful blog posts.

Consult your keyword research

If you have put the time into setting up a blog, you should have a SEO strategy that includes keyword research on some level. It’s recommended that you have a document of some sort that contains the key words or phrases that are valuable to your business and that you are aiming to rank for. While those keywords aren’t necessarily topics for a post just yet, you can google them and see what comes up. What will normally come up is competition. Research your competition and develop blog posts or concept that can capture their audience.

Go Outside

Sitting at a desk for too long might be one of the reasons you’re struggling with inspiration. So, change it up! Take a walk, go to a coffee shop, find a new space to do your work, or take an extended break and go for a hike. Sometimes clearing your mind lets other thoughts slide in. Don’t let a stale work environment hinder your creativity.

Browse the internet

Search out industry leaders, regional partners, and accrediting agencies. Larger organizations usually have blogs on their company websites where you can find inspiration. Subscribe to email newsletters and other industry blogs that you admire. YouTube can also be a great source of information simply by typing in the keywords or phrases surrounding your business.

Keep a list of ideas

Prepare for those days when your energy is lacking by keeping a list of blog ideas. Keep a list on your phone or carry a small notebook with you and when you think of a good idea, write it down. When you feel inspired to search for new blog post ideas, take advantage of it by developing a backlog.

Google your most successful posts

Use your most successful post as inspiration for a new one. Google the title of that specific post and see what turns up in Google. The results that come up if you Google your most successful post could inspire you to write a similar one. What are those other posts and pages in the search results about? Maybe you can find another angle or additional information that’ll fill a new blog post.

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