16Sep, 2016
Search Engines Rank Websites

How Do Search Engines Rank Websites?

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and search rankings is a mystery to many business owners. Every search engine has a different formula, or algorithm, for ranking websites, which is why Google, Bing, and other search engines rank websites differently. And While the algorithms are always changing, there are a few key principles a website must abide by in order to receive a favorable ranking.

So How Do Search Engines Rank Websites?

The three most important elements of search engine optimization are on-page content, site performance, and link building. While many other factors go into how search engines rank websites, if your web developer takes the time to ensure your site is built with SEO in mind, as Atlas Media does, you are sure to bubble up the rankings. Other factors that go into search rankings include: domain history, classification, unique page views, freshness of content, hosting, trust elements, and much more.

SEO - How Do Search Engines Rank Websites

On-Page Content

Taking the time to analyze your on-page content, including text, images, media and meta data is crucial when optimizing your website for search. The combination of these on-page elements, along with the keyword or term they are supporting, play a large part of how search engines rank websites.

Every page and post on your website should have a keyword or term attributed to it. The keyword should be a something your target market is looking for and it should be used multiple times throughout the text and headings as well as behind the scenes in alt tags and meta data. This keyword allows search engines to quickly understand the topic of a page and serve it to relevant searches.

Site Performance

The performance of a website also plays a large part in how a site is ranked on various search engines. Because Google and other search engines don’t want to serve users a slow or un-responsive site, web designers must pay close attention to the images, videos and applications they use on a site. The best web designers, like Atlas Media, use programs to grade a website’s performance and then optimize it with the help of caching and indexing tools.

Link Building

One of the most powerful ways to lend credibility, increase traffic, and climb in the search rankings is to have a high-quality site link to your site. While this is difficult to accomplish, and sometimes out of your control, you can achieve it by producing good, original content and linking it to authority sites. You can also gain traction by linking social media accounts and directory listings or data aggregators, such as Yellow Pages, to your website.

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