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Atlas Media SEO PackagesWhat good is a beautiful website if no one can see it? Atlas Media offers robust, content-based SEO packages that get your business to the top of google and other relevant search engines. At Atlas Media, we specialize in organic growth, meaning we optimize your website, and the other platforms that link to your website, in order to provide more relevant information to search engines, thus improving your ranking in search results.

Our Basic SEO Package focuses on on-page optimization. After identifying how your target market is searching for businesses like yours, we examine your content and plug in relevant keywords that allow you to outrank your competitors. With our Basic SEO Package, we also add appropriate meta data for every page and optimize the performance of your website.

Atlas Media's Premium SEO Package takes it a step further by creating links to your website and within your website. We do this by listing your business in key directories and making sure your business and its location has been authenticated by Google. We also create a linking strategy throughout your site, linking key terms found on different pages on your site. Your site also receives further performance upgrades, and we optimize and link your social channels for a comprehensive SEO strategy.


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