06May, 2018

Web Design Testimonial from Bill Kula

As a former Kings Ridge Homeowner Association board member in Plano, Texas, and long-time communications chair, I strongly endorse and recommend the work of Jason Barlow.

Jason was retained by my HOA to help improve the hub of our 597-home HOA communications platform – our digital website, www.kingsridgehoa.net.

In 2015, Jason revolutionized both the Kings Ridge website design, operational flow and user functionality in ways that improve communication to neighbors (and interested followers), save our HOA time and money and streamline website updates by me. In the past, even minor website updates required an HOA property management company representative to complete and often took more than a day. Today, updates can be made in minutes using a WordPress platform that Jason built into our HOA website.

Amongst its many improvements, our website uses a variety of web forms that eliminate the need for printing and emailing cumbersome Architectural Control Committee forms used by neighbors to obtain permission to enhance their dwelling. Additionally, Jason helped enable the ability for residents to submit real-time maintenance requests and other reports to our HOA property manager and board members using an interactive tool built into the website.

With input from fellow board members and me, Jason revamped the website into what many consider the most dynamic HOA website in Plano, the 69th largest city in America, and home to many Fortune 500 companies.

With updated content, an easy-to-use interface and eye-catching graphics and photos recommended by Jason, the website has exceeded our HOA’s expectations to be its cornerstone communication tool. The website is augmented by an HOA Facebook page, Twitter account and a heavy user based in the online community forum known as Nextdoor.

Jason provides client feedback in an easy-to-digest manner. His demeanor is easy going, but he’s driven and committed to meeting deadlines. With 20 years of Fortune 20 corporate communications experience as a member of the national public relations team at Verizon, I’m convinced Jason would excel and thrive in any digital environment with creativity, vision and a strategic roadmap to meet the needs of any sized company, association or institution.

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